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Menotomy Grill & Tavern features world class cuisine, craft cocktails, and draft beers served in a warm setting featuring a floor-to-ceiling hearth. Come visit the best restaurant in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Menotomy Grill & Tavern
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Roy Woods
Roy Woods
14:37 07 Aug 20
I celebrated my graduation last night in this great restaurant. happy to tell that it was a superb evening and the... place was absolutely the reason for that happy event. The waiters contributed in a splendid manner, the meals were tasty and my guests were very pleased. We shall no dout return for more joyful events. thanks very more
Maggie S
Maggie S
20:42 26 Jun 20
Good food, maybe a little pricey, and cool atmosphere. Call ahead to get a table, they are often quite busy,... particularly on weekends. Architecture pays a nod to Arlington's rich history! Inconsistent amount of wait time for food; I have had to wait as long as 50 minutes to be served before, while other times it takes 15 minutes! They seem to be better about it lately, but I haven't been since the winter months (February or March) because of more
Carol Kramer
Carol Kramer
22:34 24 Jun 20
Spotless restaurant. Indoor dining available but we ate on the patio. Food was outstanding as was the service. Prices... very reasonable with huge portions. Highly recommend this restaurant!read more
Anthony Maiorana
Anthony Maiorana
03:19 05 Mar 20
This spot is like an old friend who you’ve known for decades and haven’t seen each other in years. Standard upscale... bar far with good service and reasonable prices on drinks. I think the mussels are a good value for how much you get but either way you are probably taking a box home with you because the portions are generous. Meatloaf sandwich was out of control good. Will definitely be coming more
Kevin Osborn
Kevin Osborn
13:38 24 Nov 19
Great service and delicious food. Some of the menu items seem standards so I had the special a pan roasted halibut . It... was perfect! The soup on the day ( turnip) was delicious and vegan. The bet salad was also amazing in an amazing more
Andrea D'Ambrosio
Andrea D'Ambrosio
02:59 09 Jun 19
I had a great experience! Friendly bartenders. Good atmosphere. Exceptional wine list. Delicious food- the mussels were... cooked to perfection. And there was plenty to share! I can't wait to come back and check out the live music Thursdays nights 🙂read more
Michael Zhang
Michael Zhang
04:49 22 May 19
Perfect for small to medium groups, a solid dinner, or even just a quick drink, a visit to Menotomy won't be monotony!... Their service speed was snappy in the hours immediately following the end of a long workday, and they accommodated our 8-person party easily. Some food options had a creative flair (try their chicken musket balls!), but I found others to be a tad lackluster in either effort or ingredient quality compared to that of other grill/bars that I've visited. All-in-all, I would frequent this location if traffic wasn't killer around rush hour.If this was helpful, please consider a thumbs up. It would be greatly appreciated!read more
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Revolutionary Patriots

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Covid-19 has certainly changed some things, but our commitment to being the best restaurant in Arlington, Massachusetts is unwavering.

Where to Find Us

Menotomy Grill & Tavern

25 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts

Phone: 781.648.1775

menotomy grill best restaurant arlington, m



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What's In a Name?

The infamous “shot heard round the world” that sparked the American Revolution was fired on the green in Concord, Massachusetts. However, most don’t realize that a significant portion of the fighting was done in the village of Menotomy (now the town of Arlington) which was settled in 1635 and named after the Algonquian word meaning “swift running water.”

On April 19, 1775, local minutemen joined forces with those from neighboring towns and gathered in Menotomy to ambush the British as they retreated from Concord and Lexington back toward Boston. Many locals made the ultimate sacrifice that day trying to thwart the British. One of the most famous patriots of the day was local farmer Jason Russell who was shot and bayoneted on his own doorstep trying to protect his home.

However, a little known historic event is that of Cooper’s Tavern. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper had just gotten word of the British approaching Menotomy. Two of the town’s wealthiest landowners, Jabez Wyman and Jason Winship, were the tavern’s only patrons.

Frightened for their lives, the Coopers urged the two men to join them in the bunker downstairs to avoid the wrath of the British. The men fatefully declined. When the British saw the lantern on in Cooper’s Tavern, they smashed in the door, shot and bayoneted Wyman and Winship and dragged their bodies onto Massachusetts Avenue for public display.

When all was said and done, the battle at Menotomy became “the bloodiest half-mile of all the battle road.” Cooper’s Flip – Drink in the history of Menotomy.

Okay, so what are the odds that we would know what Wyman and Winship were drinking that day? Well, pretty good. We call it “Cooper’s Flip” and we think it’s a great way to raise a glass to those patriots who fought for our freedom on that fateful day.

Meet the Chef

Arlington native, Gregory Boschetti spent much of his childhood surrounded by a family of restauranteurs. His grandfather, who emigrated from Italy, worked his way up from a dishwasher, to management, to ownership of three successful restaurants in the area. He gained his interest in culinary arts by baking assorted recipes that he found in his mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook at the young age of ten. Boschetti, with 20+ years of restaurant experience, and a former executive chef at Temple Bar in Cambridge, worked alongside several accomplished chefs. Paul O’Connell – former owner and executive chef at Chez Henri in Cambridge. Mark Thompson – former chef de cuisine at Chez Henri and former executive chef at Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale and Menotomy Grill and Tavern. Michael Scelfo, award-winning chef, restauranteur, owner and executive chef at the Longfellow Bar at Aldon & Harlow, Aldon & Harlow, Longfellow’s Waypoint Restaurant, and former executive chef at Temple Bar. Tom Berry – culinary director at Yvonne’s, Ruka & Lolita Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar Restaurant Group and former executive chef at Temple Bar. While cooking in some of the areas’ best restaurants, Boschetti attended the prestigious Johnson and Wales University and met his wife Becky, also a chef, during his tenure at Chez Henri. In his culinary travels over the last ten years, Boschetti has visited Italy, Vietnam, Hawaii, Iceland and Denmark. He is inspired by a vast array of styles, including Italian, Asian and Latin American cuisine.

Menotomy Grill & Tavern

25 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, Massachusetts

Phone: 781.648.1775