Christian McNeill

Jesse Williams, and Menotomy Grill are proud to welcome back Christian McNeill. A native of Derry City, Ireland, Christian McNeill is a force of alternative rock and soul, renowned for gritty and passionate live shows and songs with memorable lyrics anchored in infectious melodies. Christian possesses a style of singing and songwriting that is ever-evolving and always engaging. The uncompromising honesty of the song “Zero” caught the ear of Steven Van Zandt, who in turn placed two songs from the 2013 album “Everything’s Up For Grabs,” in heavy rotation on his globally broadcast, Underground Garage. Christian continues to write and record locally and beyond, including one of his
latest, Power lines. Joining Christian, Tim Gearan, Jesse Williams, Bruce Bears, and Mark Teixeira
Showtime 9:15 Plenty of parking, and never a cover!!
Power Lines